Learning by doing

Our work-based learning and dual education system combines practice and theory: apprenticeships in a company with vocational education. All of our students are employed in a food industry from the beginning of the course to finally become the well-trained and qualified professionals needed.

This training methodology is a win-win situation for both companies and graduates:

  • Apprentices receive market-relevant training that improves their chances on the labour market which is constantly evolving.
  • It fosters students’ motivation, who see the applicability of their studies while applying learned academic knowledge and skills in the work environment.
  • It greatly improve students’ curriculum vitae with an official degree and work experience.
  • Students can also benefit from the knowledge and soft skills of more experienced co-workers.
  • For the apprentices themselves, another plus is that they can earn money while learning.
  • It improves the quality and value of vocational training, which increases social awareness, recognition and interest toward this type of education.
  • Once the apprenticeship is complete, it facilitates the insertion into the labour market of students, while the company can gain an employee that already knows the company’s workflow.
  • It Increase the linkage and co-responsibility of business companies in vocational training.
  • It provide the market with highly skilled workers that will contribute directly to improving or maintaining the quality of services and goods for a company.