Higher Technician in Processes and Quality in the Food Industry


The main objective fo this diploma is:

Organising and controlling the processes of food preparation programming and supervising the necessary operations, material and human resources, applying production plans, quality, food safety, labour risks prevention and environmental protection in accordance with current legislation.

Range of ocupations

The Higher Technician in Processes and Quality in the Food Industry works in small, medium and large enterprises of the food industry within a work team that carries out tasks related to production management, organisation and control, functional areas of logistics, research and development, quality, food safety, labour risks prevention and environmental protection. S/he will hold the position of intermediate officer under the supervision of higher technical staff, although s/he will have a higher degree of autonomy in small enterprises in which s/he will be responsible for business management and administration.
The most relevant occupations or jobs are the following:

  • Line, manufacturing plant, department or warehouse manager
  • Shift manager
  • Equipment, processes and products supervisor
  • Production manager
  • New products preparation and processes development manager
  • Food analysis technician
  • Sensory analysis technician
  • Quality control laboratory technician
  • Quality inspector or counsellor
  • Food safety management manager
  • Procurement manager
  • Packaging and packing line manager
  • Environmental control and labour safety manager
  • Commercial agent
Entry requirements

The entry requeriments are holding the Certificate in Post-Compulsory Secondary Education (Bachillerato) or holding the corresponding access test.. If you are in possession of other qualifications or diplomas, please ask us.
Before joining the CFGS the student will have to pass the KREAS selection proces, which consists of a personal interview and an assessment of the curriculum.

Course catalogue

The academic program is scheduled in two academic years

Higher Technician in Processes and Quality in the Food Industry

1st Year

2nd Year
Food Technology Food Production Organisation
Treatments for the Preparation and Preservation of Food Electromechanical Maintenance in Processing Industries
Microbiological and Sensory Control of Food Integrated Processes in the Food Industry
Food Nutrition and Safety Food Innovation
Food Biotechnology Marketing and Logistics in the Food Industry
Business and Entrepreneurial Initiative
Project on Processes and Quality in the Food Industry

On the Job Training

Food Analysis

Quality and Environmental Management in the Food Industry

Professional Training and Guidance


Practically half of the contents of this program are taught directly into the company where the student will train to become a qualified professional adapted to the reality of the sector.

Dual methodology

Kreas dual system combines theory and practice. The objective is to achieve a professional qualification of the apprentice who combines working in a company with the academic activity in the centre. For more information click here.

Language policy

Approximately 85% of the classes at KREAS are taught in Catalan. The language of instruction for each subject is public information, and is announced in the student guides for each course. Catalan is the main language in the Catalan educational system. It is also the language that is commonly used in our region and in teaching and administration. Spanish is the joint official language in Catalonia and in the Catalan educational system. All KREAS’ academic and administrative information are available in both languages.

English is not an official language in Catalonia. However, it has become the de facto the third language of the country. Although not being compulsory, we are aware of the importance of a third language. So, we introduce English transversally in all the subjects of our higher program.

Moving abroad?

For those students and staff who will be planning to moving abroad, we have already planed a training period to improve cultural and linguistic competence and adapt the applicant to the  country  of  destination. In  this  way,  participants for mobility  will  strengthen  their  language  skills,  increase their technical vocabulary  and may have their first contact with the socioeconomic and cultural context of the host country. For more information click here.

Coming from abroad?

There is an agreement between KREAS and a language school in Olot where all the incoming students and staff will have the possibility to take a special courses in our language. Incoming participants will have free access to this service and it will be scheduled during all the mobility period. For further information please contact to the International Mobility Office.

Course location

The Higher Degree in Processes and Quality in the Food Industry takes place both in a food company, and also at Can Monsà building, central headquarters of KREAS. Location here

Access to next level of education/training

This diploma provides access to University studies.
Legal basis. Basic regulation according to which the diploma is established:

Minimum teaching requirements established by the State: Royal Decree 451/2010 of 16 April, according to which the diploma of Higher Technician in Multi-platform Applications Development and its corresponding minimum teaching requirements are established.